Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saying goodbyes and Buffa-no more

I know.

I know.

I know. I screwed up. Over a week without a post - nine days, actually. How am I failing so hard when it comes to keeping up with this shit? It's fine, but to the eight of you that read MadQuest, I apologize sincerely. Really, I'm sorry! But since I haven't received any angry letters or emails about my inconsistency, I'll just assume that no one noticed.

I would use the classic no-Internet excuse but my friend, colleague and fellow blogger Ben Cosman had no problem keeping up with his daily posts without the Internet. In fact, the lack of Internet in his room was a focal point of his for a while. My life has obviously deemed itself hopeless, my goals unreachable and me? I cannot and will never be able to keep up with the reliability of Mr. Cosman; I am, however, back in business.

This past week was just a pile of events rolled into a cannoli (wtf? cannoli is underlined in red. So is "wtf") of packing and unpacking, spending money and driving. So I guess the cannoli was from a shitty pizzeria , or maybe even the frozen section of your local gas station. Just... not. good. Too dense, wrong ingredients, an inappropriately crusty shell.

So what was the bulk of this cannoli? Well, in one weekend I packed up my life - mostly clothes and scarves, the necessities- and shipped myself to Geneseo in a U-Haul attached to Mom's Jeep, saying my final goodbye to my home in Buffalo and the cat hair that will forever be there. I took with me a couch and cookware for 12 people. There are three of us.

Along with this hometown farewell came another and undoubtedly sadder sayonara. Big sis of 20 years Emily trucked away to Green Bay with her boyfriend, who is now an actuary, (like engineers, another job where, unless you are an actuary, you're left to wonder), Kevin (right below) and Fancy (left below).

We spent the last few days in a boxed-up house, littered with various items that still had no designated box, which led to their ultimate end: trash bags. I felt like we were squatting and I waited every night for Benny to come and ask for my rent, to which I would reply, "What happened to Benny? What happened to his heart and the ideals he once pursued?" Rent anyone? No? Ok.

Yeah. I know, right? This was our fridge. So sad, but clean, which is important. The ketchup and mustard crusties in the door? Gone. Five-year-old fishsticks? Discarded. Moldy fruit spreads and ricotta cheese, you name it, it's not in that refrigerator. You would look at this and think that we were bohemian vagabonds, living paycheck-to-paycheck, getting shitty take-out every night like the cold and striving artists in the movies. Or like Emily, in the State Farm commercial! Or is it AllState? IDK, but she's on the "Ramen-every-night budget."

But alas, we were not on that budget! We were on the items-that-don't-need-to-be-refrigerated budget! Mmmmmmm, who else looooooooooooves kettle-cooked chips? Raise of hands? So yes, to clarify, this is a couch with various goodies, and a remote. Emily has always been a good companion for eating a whole bag of Goldfish followed by a few Pop-Tarts and a Super Big Gulp (seen below). That couch, along with my clothing, hair and face, was covered in crumbs. I think the cats had some salt in their fur, too.
 Good thing we don't live in NYC!

On our final night, Jake (Emily's BF) bought us $28 of Mighty Taco!!! And let's just say that $28 at Mighty Taco - or any fast-food chain for that matter - can go quite, quite far. Far, as in, 14 burritos. Dealio! Who doesn't love a super mighty, medium, with sour cream and a large Loganberry?
The only bad part? The next day.
Yeaaaah. Talk about irritable.

Just kidding.

And so marks our last days in Buffalo before the big move. I'd say that's a pretty decent way to end our time in a city that has two solid entities to offer us: Mighty Taco and a Seven-Eleven within walking distance.

I am so sad to see Emily leave and to say that we will not be living together this summer, or possibly ever again! Nothing beats hours upon hours of Man Vs. Food, Ancient Aliens and NYC Prep (all on NetFlix, all highly recommended for viewing). We did more, but those times seem to stick out the most for me...
But even though we won't live together, nothing shall change! I love her and she loves me and we are the best of sissies forever. With our background (our childhood in the '90s, specifically) I don't think we'll ever have a problem being on the same page.

Please note: This picture was taken post-lunch and post-packing. We know. We know that we, at least I, look rough.  It was a long morning. Look past it. Thank you.
So here's to Emily and Jake: Best of luck to both of you! You have come this far, now go further. Reach for the moon, and if you miss, you'll land among the stars, right? At least, that's what I've heard. We're all rooting for you over here in upstate NY!

So that's it on my part. I've moved in to my new home in Geneseo (worthy of a completely different post. Essay, book, even) and started on one of my internships which I also will speak more of at a later point. So many thoughts, so little time.

My life is so hard.

Oh, and one last note. Last night, I was explaining my recent migration to a friend, to which he asked in a mildly confused tone, "So wait, you don't have a home anymore? I'm so sorry, but uh, wow, that's great for you!"
First of all, who asks that? Second, I do have a home, thanks, and it's not my Toyota Corolla! It has walls, a roof and two bathrooms. I was like, "I mean, I guess, what? Yeah, if you want to... say it like that. Sure?"

And in my head I continued, as everyone does when they want to say so much more but just don't have the confidence to spit it out: Thank you. Thank you so much for making me feel like a child of gypsies. Your sympathy is appreciated, sir.

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  1. I have been checking every day for a new post! Finally! Keep it up. :) (sis)