Saturday, July 28, 2012

Feedback needed! New addition to MadQuest.

You know how people have their little music/meatless/thirsty/travel Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday feature? I want to do something like that. Like, Cereal Tuesday! And I'll venture into the world of one cereal every Tuesday and give a quirky review because cereal is quirky and I'll take dumb but funny pictures of the cereal in action while I pretend that I am an avid food blogger. Or something along those lines.
I want YOU to tell me what you want to read about every week. Should I do a movie review Thursday? Book recommendation Sunday morning? Political Saturdays? Of course, the titles would be much punnier and the content would be entertaining and mildly thought-provoking. My interests include, but are not limited to: cats, vegetables, live music, and guilt-free magazine reading.

Comments and suggestions required or I will block you from viewing my page.

1 comment:

  1. "Between the Bookends"
    "Vivacious Vegetables: Or how to learn to stop worrying and love your local produce"
    "Mads on Movies"
    "Soundcheck: Music with Maddy"