Monday, May 21, 2012

It's time.

Yes, folks. Summer is here. To force myself to do something productive, I will blog every single experience -- no matter how minuscule -- I have.
That includes bathroom trips, naps and illegal activities. Possibly both at the same time. I might as well just do a live streaming of my life - I'll give you my Facebook, Gmail and Goodreads passwords - but I figured blogging is somewhat of a norm these days, so I might as well jump on that bandwagon to make it easier for everyone else.
But we'll see how long this lasts; hopefully it won't turn into the classic, motivatd post every day for three days, then a meager post once a week, then the old "last login: eight months ago" as tumbleweed floats across the home page.
I can only hope that doesn't happen. I kind of judge people when that happens...

No promises here, though. I'm a huge fan of starting shit up and then stopping.

Read this blog, it will inspire me to keep going.
I will post pictures and words of friends, family, adventures, college, books, food, pizza, internships, food, newspapers, vegetables and food.

And cats. Like this one: Tiny.

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