Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wegmans. Need I say more?

Before I say anything, Imma say one thing: If I'm ever forced to be in one place for the rest of my life and that place happened to be Wegmans, I think I would be okay with that. I think I could survive.

I love Wegmans and everything about it. Every aisle, every olive at the Mediterranean Bar, every beer in the 40 section and every single old-fashioned sub shop option. Every Brazil nut and alphabet-shaped gummi in the bulk section, every giant cupcake in the bakery, every single Asian man who smiles at be from behind the sushi bar.
What is it about this place that makes people want to go grocery shopping? Why are they enjoying their time here? It's a grocery store! But Danny (Wegman) and every other man and woman up high in the Wegman hierarchy makes sure to provide us with a stress-free and comfortable environment; neither of which describe the usual mood of a grocery store, but they do it nonetheless.

It's a warehouse-store experience like no other. Workers stand behind mini vendors with free samples of Wegmans food and shoppers save money almost every time they make a purchase with the Wegmans shoppers club card. Workers slap a gratifying smile on their face, whether they want to or not, and all - or most - hostility is eliminated. People go bat shit wild for this kind of stuff, and Wegmans knows it.

And I like that. They know what I want and they know I'll pay them for it. They're good, I'll give them that.

So lunch is Wegmans salad bar today and this giant lemonade that I drank right out of the container, only to look up and see some frightened men and women staring at my savage consumption. I gave them an apologetic look, only after taking a few more swigs of the 99-cent carton.

Nom nom nom.
I kind of hate when people take pictures of their food and put it on the Internet.
But I think this is different. Tell me it's different.
People were looking at me after I took this picture so I quickly put away my camera and shoved it in my backpack.

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